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A proper planning and control cycle is essential for an organisation to achieve their goals. We believe that a proper planning and control cycle should consist of the following activities (Deming Circle):


detailed plan of each organizational unit that is linked with the overall organization goals.


in this phase the activities take place.


in this phase the achieved results are compared with the plan. Variances are analysed and clarified.


in this phase the management take corrective actions and/or adjust their plans.

Fireko is a cloud solution that helps you to prepare a Plan and Check Progress.


Preparing a plan can be a time consuming job. Information from different stakeholders needs to be gathered, reviewed and consolidated. If the outcome isn’t approved by management the plan has to be revised with new assumptions. Fireko can facilitate this process by:

Creating templates

create templates from the data you have available as easy as creating a pivot table. It allows you to gather information in a standardized format.

Distributing templates

distribute personalised templates to the different stakeholders that should provide the information.


review information provided by the stakeholder and adjusted if needed.


consolidate information and get a quick overview of the overall outcome of the plans from different stakeholders.

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In this phase the plan has to be compared with actual results. Fireko can facilitate this process by:

Creating reports

create templates that enable stakeholders to compare actual achievements with plan.

Publish reports

publish the personalised report to the different stakeholders to allow them to analyse variances.

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